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"The most common way to explain my job is to simply say that I do makeup. But that would be an understatement. What I really do is connect with people. Each person that sits in my chair, my job is to connect with them and serve. The greatest thing is having the opportunity to do that through mediums such as television, live performances, runway shows, editorials, documentaries, magazine features, weddings, and with people that just want to look and feel good for whatever reason. Designing beautiful makeup looks for clients in any of those situations allows artists to do what we do best, create. In addition to that, one of the most critical pieces of this industry is to get creative with more than just makeup....."


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Introducing Four Thirty's #Summer16 - a roundup of 16 of our favorite creatives who are killin’ it! Click the link below read their stories, see what they did this summer and their goals for Summer 17.